via Conte Rosso, 22 Milano

9 – 14 April2019
10.30 am to 7.00 pm
Free entrance

Opening night
12 April 2019
6.00 to 10.00 pm


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/ˈpɒlətɪks /
a collection of modern and contemporary political artefacts


Collective Exhibition curated by

Artefacts by
Fabio Bortolani + Raffaele Venturi
Elio Caccavale + Matteo Morelli
Alberto Casiraghy + Pietro Ingrao
Davide Fabio Colaci
Density Design Lab “Infopoetry”
AA.VV. Orgia
Odoardo Fioravanti
Maddalena Fragnito + AA.VV.
From Outer Space
Giulio Iacchetti
Denis Guidone
Claudio Larcher
Lorenzo Palmeri
Gianmaria Sforza
Eduardo Staszowsky + Ezio Manzini
Nanni Strada
Tour de Fork

Special Guest
Ugo La Pietra

Andrea Gianni

Scientific Advisor
Stefano Maffei

Project Coordinator + Art Direction
Tecnificio (Marcello Pirovano + Patrizia Bolzan)

Transforming design to transform the world

Politics talks about how we can transform the world.
Design has often looked at how to produce value: concrete value, measurable through tangible signs, i.e. economy, doing. This action has generated artifacts, environments, places, activities of daily life.
Things, by the way. Goods that have enforced a period of extraordinary peace and economic, social and cultural development in which – at least in the First World – the democracy has flourished thanks to individuals, society and
We were completely unaware of this golden age: we still believe we are immersed in. An age of infinite development and infinite resources. Infinite dreams that are breaking themselves on contemporary and concrete issues: like the social, environmental and economic challenges we stubbornly want to ignore.
Populism, selfishness, intolerance, racism, conflict, war, threat, poverty, unemployment, fear, depression. Old enemies that seemed to have disappeared.
And that they are more alive than ever. For the first time in many epochs, the expectations of the younger generations seem decidedly lower than those of the generations that preceded them. The transgenerational pact is broken. We only judge our lives on the basis of an idea of well-being based on unrealistic expectations. Our world cannot survive the presence and the environmental disinterest of 10 billion people.

Artefatti politici


Mangioitaliano by Atto

Amori Giovanili by Fabio Bortolani + Raffaele Venturi

Citizen Consumer Bank by Elio Caccavale + Matteo Morelli

Poesie by Alberto Casiraghy + Pietro Ingrao

Teatrino Politico by Davide Fabio Colaci

Domestic Violence by Density Design Lab “Infopoetry”

Tracing Digits by Density Design Lab “Infopoetry”

War Filings by Density Design Lab “Infopoetry”

Orgia by AA.VV.

Suprematist Biscuits by Odoardo Fioravanti

Come Aprire un Nido Pirata nel Quartiere by Maddalena Fragnito + AA.VV.

Tribuna Politica by From Outer Space

Penna Sanguigna by Giulio Iacchetti

Senkò Hanabi by Denis Guidone

La Piattaforma Diderot by Claudio Larcher

Wistleblower by Lorenzo Palmeri

United We Stand by Parcodiyellowstone

AtPer – Atlante Periferico by Gianmaria Sforza + Nicla Dattomo

Politics of the Everyday by Eduardo Staszowsky + Ezio Manzini

Casula by Nanni Strada

Temporary Tableware by Tour de Fork

What is a political artefacts

Changing actual situation on a large scale means designing the change: change the classic task of the discipline. And politics is the field in which this happens and that design can redesign.
We want to rediscover the civil function of design and reflect – after so much rhetoric – on what democratic design is. We are thinking about designing political artifacts.
Ideas, systems, objects, communication that not only make us think but that they are a signal for active change.

by Stefano Maffei

Eight-armed cross

The symbol that open the exhibition POLITICS is one and multiple. It changes appearance in the eyes of the beholder, and reminds us of distant and dissimilar worlds.
It speaks of affiliation and censorship: a secular cross with three crosspieces for eight beatidues, reminiscent of dictatorships and anarchic impulses. As a horizontal leap on the temporal hierarchies, it denounces the oligarchy of the many and the democracy of the few. It shifts the axis of the established order to an augmented reality of multiple choice. Like a change (of perspective), it allows us to scale and accelerate towards the sun of the future. Its eight arms open to the plurality of the whole, closing in an impenetrable silence. Like a votive banner, he opens the processions that lead to the Sixth Mass Extinction.
It acts as a sewn mouth to count the days that are left to the end, jumping on the backbone of modern fossils that we have abandoned in the world.

by Marcello Pirovano