via Conte Rosso, 22 Milano

5 – 9 February 2014
from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
free entrance

Project by
Lino’s & Co.

Antonio Colomboni
Pietro Corraini
Emiliano Ponzi

In collaboration with

Supported by
Hispaniola Design

Three Stampomatica micro printing presses.
Three Italian illustrators.
Three vintage school desks.
A mix of paper, colours, and 3D printed clichés.
Three top Italian illustrators and Stampomatica. They have created a design that, thanks to a 3D printer, will turn into a cliché ready to be printed on 100% Italian paper. Each one of them will put a Stampomatica micro printing press to the test.

A special thanks to Claudio Larcher for the partnership with Hispaniola Design. School desk designed by: Paco y Paco (Claudio Larcher, Modoloco design workshop), Bricks (Matteo Ragni with Maurizio Prina), Costa (Simone Simonelli).


Tecnificio and Lino’s & Co. present Stampomatica: a pair of manual micro machines to print business cards and greeting cards.

Stampomatica is the perfect combination of digital and old style movable type printing with a touch of DIY. Where past and future, history and innovation meet. This project will allow everybody to take a closer look at traditional printing techniques to discover all their charm and potential. Thanks to the use of a 3D printer and a laser cutting machine, you can obtain a highly innovative, flexible, and versatile product. These micro machines can be customised according to requirements. Users can select the design of the cliché, as well as colours, materials, ink, and even printing accessories. Stampomatica is available in two versions: one to print customised business cards and one to create greeting cards or smaller paper formats (invitations, announcements, etc.). Stampomatica will be distributed online and will be available to all those who simply cannot resist the charm of a hand-printed business card. This project stems from the know-how and ability of those who work and experiment with technology without ever losing touch with manual crafts.