Maker Faire Rome
Auditorium Parco della Musica
viale P. De Coubertin, 30 · Roma

3 – 5 October 2014
from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Curated by
Stefano Maffei

Experiments by
Massimiliano Adami
+ Francesco Tarantino
Francesco Bombardi
+ Marcello Ligabue
Francesca Lanzavecchia
+ Hunn Wai
Claudio Larcher
Simone Simonelli
+ Stefano Citi
Brian Sironi
+ Giulia Tacchini
Alessandro Stabile

Art direction

Photo project
Federico Villa

In collaboration with
The Fablab
Zona Ventura Lambrate

Supported by
Maker Faire Rome

Subalterno1 presents the III edition of Mondopasta at Maker Faire Rome 2014: a collective design-oriented experiment about pasta, the traditional icon of Made in Italy that becomes a matter for self-production. Seven team of Italian designers were literally asked to transform traditional machineries into innovative pasta-tools, through making and fabbing processes. All the results are exhibited in a special frame: vintage tables and chairs plus modern antiques exalt the technological components. The contrast between the magnificence of furntiture’s masterpieces and post-crisis DIY experiments attempts to prepare Italian dinner tables of a near future.

The new edition of Mondopasta presents a supplement to the original exhibition: the Pasta-Hacking Lab. During the event, three workshops will be active, repeated during several sessions, and the visitors will be able to actively participate at the following activities.

An italian contemporary tale
Text by Stefano Maffei

Italy means pasta.
Pasta means tradition.
Tradition means stereotype.
Stereotype means old.

Mondopasta wants to stop to look at tradition as mere conservation.
A kick to the crisis to discover this Italian identity’s bastion through a contemporary vision in which remembrance and research live together.
Cut out dufili, spaghettibolognese, cofanadimaccheroni!
We want to change the old word, building new concepts using irony, wisdom and taste to transform pasta into innovative experiences, processes,
products and senses. Everything is highly experimental and, at the same time, ironic, as final results will reveal, referring to both pasta’s artifacts and processing tools for its preparation.

Here a recipe that suggests new directions for research:
– take seven spicy promising designers from Italy;
– add a cup of digital and analogic manufacturing’s flour in a small container dedicated to self-production;
– blend these ingredients until the mixture will reach the right cultural and experimental consistency;
– when the new MONDOPASTA will be ready, season it with a teaspoon of innovation, adding irony to taste.

Bon appetit!

Pasta-Hacking Lab
Three interactive workshops

#zag – The workshop allows children and adults to personalize a large sheet of pasta using a big model of the cutting wheel designed by Alessandro Stabile. The 3D-printed wheel is connected to a classic wooden spoon, allowing the public to decorate a big sheet of pasta.

#nigredo – The second workshop provides the opportunity to decorate fresh pasta and ravioli with the technique of tattooing. Using a special DIY tattoo machine, designed and 3D-printed by Tecnificio, anyone can draw with cuttlefish ink, leaving an indelible mark on ravioli and lasagna skin.

#nonnabot – The project Nonnabot by Francesco Bombardi and Marcello Ligabue (with the technical support of Sharebot) will star in this workshop: a machine for cutting pasta is obtained by hacking a 3D printer Sharebot NG and will produce tailored cuts of pasta, with special shapes dedicated to the event.

To complete this special dining room, two cabinets are placed to exhibit insects. Designed by Stefano Citi and Simone Simonelli for Valcucine (2011), the display cases look like miniature transparent architectures, which offer uncommon points of view for insect observation. They will expose a little community of crickets in order to complete the project of Brian Sironi and
Giulia Tacchini: a special type of pasta made from cricket’s flour.