via Conte Rosso, 22 Milano
14 – 19 April 2015

from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Free entrance

Curated by
Stefano Maffei

A project by
Breaking the Mould

In collaboration with

Zona Ventura Lambrate

Supported by

The exhibition, curated by Stefano Maffei, displays a new project by Breaking the Mould, in collaboration with digital fabrication laboratory Materiaterza. Venice >> Future presents a series of controlled tests run within the prestigious Muranese furnace Salviati. Traditional glass blowing techniques, historically linked to the island of Murano and dependent on the skills of its glass masters, merge with ceramic 3D-printing, a much younger and more movable process to create identical objects. The production site becomes a lab where analogic and digital techniques are mixed together.

Hybrid Venice: tradition must be reinvented
Text by Stefano Maffei

A trip in Venice is a journey into the substance. Ancient and mixed.
Made following a centennial tradition and woven with styles and stratified shapes.
Every scrap it is made of contains a story.
A story of artefices and techniques, consolidated in material shapes and working processes.
Set in canonical places such as workshops, furnaces: the thoughts, the hands, the tools have been refined in a continuous practice, tansmitted through a tacit knowledge made of gestures, words, looks.
In Venice you learn from things.
Into the spaces where things themselves are made the material meets the hand, the tool and the thought.
Breaking the Mould and Materiaterza seized all that and made an experiment creating a crossbreeding where tradition meets contemporary innovation.
They’re guided by a simple idea: to create an immaginative combination between two manufacturing processes poles apart.
On one hand we have handmade blown glass production: the head, the heart, the lungs and the experience of the artisan build every time a unique repetable united to the specific peculiarities of the man and of the moment.
It’s a deep link, dug into the worker’s hands, to the story and to Murano island, the territory in which substance takes form.
On the other hand there’s pottery manufacturing process through 3D printing: a unique standard producible in anywhere always with the same features.
The alchemical bridal takes place into the kiln.
Materials, processes and shapes merge together in a series of supervised tests which explore different levels of interaction between theese two worlds.
The results are crossbreeding and intersection.
From there comes a new, experimental, unique, harmonious manufacturing process that Subalterno1 puts on stage.
A regeneration which transforms the place itself of the production, the furnace and its products in a new, analog-digital workshop.
A powerful and pulsating close-up of the future studio which will produce a new hybrid Venice.