Maison Folie
Rue des Arbalestriers 8, Mons

7 – 17 May 2015
from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Curated by
Stefano Maffei

Les Ailleurs en Folie
Milan edition curator

Francesca Sarti
(Arabeschi di Latte)

Experiments by
Massimiliano Adami
+ Francesco Tarantino
Francesco Bombardi
+ Marcello Ligabue
Francesca Lanzavecchia
+ Hunn Wai
Claudio Larcher
Brian Sironi
+ Giulia Tacchini
Alessandro Stabile

Art direction

Photo project
Federico Villa

In collaboration with
The Fablab
Zona Ventura Lambrate

Supported by
Mons 2015 Capital Européenne de la Culture

During the collective exhibition Ailleurs en Folie Milan, curated by Francesca Sarti (Arabeschi di Latte), Subalterno1 was invited to presents the IV edition of MONDOPASTA at Maker Faire Rome 2014: a collective design-oriented experiment about pasta, the traditional icon of Made in Italy that becomes a matter for self-production. Seven team of Italian designers were literally asked to transform traditional machineries into innovative pasta-tools, through making and fabbing processes. All the results are exhibited in a special frame: vintage tables and chairs plus modern antiques exalt the technological components. The contrast between the magnificence of furntiture’s masterpieces and post-crisis DIY experiments attempts to prepare Italian dinner tables of a near future.