via Conte Rosso, 22 Milano

23 October – 17 November 2015
by appointment only
free entrance

Curated by
Andrea Gianni
Marcello Pirovano

Text by
Stefano Maffei

L’uovo al quadrato
– edizione n° 9508 (33 copie) –
Edizioni Pulcinoelefante
con una selezione di opere e oggetti
di Alberto Casiraghy

In collaboration with
Edizioni Pulcinoelefante
Consorzio Brianza che Nutre
Bookcity Milano

Padiglione Italia EXPO 2015 Milano
Città Metropolitana di Milano
Comune di Osnago
Casa della Poesia di Monza

Neither fish nor fowl: a reflection about the egg, as the archetype of all nutrients, symbol of the perfection which the craftsmanship aspires to, told through Pulcinoelefante’s printings, the independent publishing house placed in the heart of Brianza district.

The exhibition aims to tell the extraordinary work of an Italian master, strongly linked to the Brianza area and the city of Milan with his activity: Pulcinoelefante Publisher. A unique excellence, well known in the publishing world thanks to the quality of his artworks. A large table will tell the daily work of Alberto Casiraghi, founder of Pulcinoelefante and alchemist of characters and letterpress type. Together with Brianza che Nutre’s consortium he’s presenting an unpublished plaquette – Edition No. 9508 – printed for the occasion in 33 copies with the title “the squared egg” and dedicated to the theme of the egg as the archetype of all nutrients, symbol of a perfection which the craftsmanship aspires to. Alongside the text will be an 3D printed artwork designed and self-produced by Tecnificio, design studio and maker facility in Milan. Some excellent actors of Brianza che nutre’s consortium – as some companies operating in the restaurant business – will offer a selection of tastings using certified organic eggs for the opening vernissage.

Edizioni Pulcinoelefante
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Established by Alberto Casiraghi , the publishing house prints every edition using a vintage letterpress machine and its characters. Pulcinoelefante publishes every year more than one hundred small plaquettes, composed by a text and small engravings or artist’s artworks. All the books have a limited run, less than 40 copies for each edition, and they are numbered and out of commerce. It started as a cultural association on 1982, run by its founder Alberto Casiraghi that print by himself each plaquette, without a precise planning, just following the requests and desires of unkwown or renowed author, friends and poets: Allen Ginsberg, Ezra Pound, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Jean Cocteau, Alda Merini, Dario Bellezza, Maurizio Cucchi, Lillo Gullo, Franco Loi, Bruno Munari, Arturo Schwarz, Vivian Lamarque. Among the artists: Enrico Baj, Emilio Tadini, Claudio Parmiggiani, Ugo Nespolo, Flora Graiff, Giuliano Grittini.