Miart 2016
Fiera Internazionale
d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea

8 – 10 April 2016
Fieramilanocity, Gate 5
section Object, booth E03

Contemporary design
Massimiliano Adami
Antonio Cos
Paolo Ulian

Hystorical design
Stilnovo Milano

Photographies by
Federico Villa

Exhibition design
Andrea Gianni
Marcello Pirovano

Marcello Pirovano

Subalterno1 presents – on the occasion of Miart 2016 – a project revising the Milanese living room from the ‘50s, through the projects of italian designers Massimiliano Adami, Antonio Cos and Paolo Ulian. A careful selection of Stilnovo Milano lamps, with the photo shoots by Federico Villa, make the scene complete.

A good living room
Text by Stefano Maffei

Subalterno1 gallery proposes a rediscovery, a contemporary version of a memorable time in the history of Italian industrial design, a work of reviewing by some Italian contemporary designers, who were inspired by the Italian design from the ‘50s. Their capability and their productive stories, with the handcrafters, seem now, not unexpectedly, very close to us.
The same ironic and experimental attitude that creates a new good living room, the Subalterno1’s.
All the elements of the classic bourgeois living room are here retabled and transformed: “incalmi” by Cos are realized by welding different parts of industrial glass containers, echoing the traditional technique “incalmi” by Venini. Marble vases by Ulian must not be closely guarded, but literally bashed with a hammer to find their hidden side. On the wall the “Points de Vue” mirror by Cos recalls a transformed by chaos mirror by Fornasett,. In the same way the reversed vision of the inclusions of the “Fossili Moderni” collection by Adami rediscovers the furniture that “included” pieces realized by artists for ornamental purposes: a rediscovery of elegance with different and innovative outcomes.
Elective affinities and contrasts with the design from the ‘50s produce a redrawn image of research for the new Italian contemporary design.
A path of sophisticated and fine experimentation which is almost art.