via Conte Rosso, 22 Milano

12 – 17 April 2016
from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Free entrance

Curated by
Stefano Maffei

Projects by
Massimiliano Adami
+ Donato Nardulli
Associato Misto
Lorenzo Damiani
Studio Ghigos
Studio Graffe
Ilaria Innocenti
+ Giorgio Laboratore
Modoloco Design
Giacomo Moor
Lorenzo Palmeri
Filippo Protasoni
Brian Sironi
Simone Spalvieri
+ Valentina Del Ciotto
Riccardo Vendramin
Giorgia Zanellato
+ Daniele Bortotto

In collaboration with
The Fablab
Ideafactory Store

Subalterno1 gallery, in collaboration with The Fablab and Tecnificio, presents Microfacts, a new exhibition curated by Stefano Maffei. A collective of 15 italian design studios explores likewise micro-artifacts, each one designed to fit an imaginary cube of 6x6x6 cm. These objects invetigate new product typologies, acting as technological hybrids, small divertissements and hackings of everyday things.

Small is beautiful
Text by Stefano Maffei

We live a time full of things. Our experience is full of objects that occupy our living spaces both as physical precences and symbols. Such a big amount of stuff that hides everything, from our domestic space to every habitats of the city, contaminating and polluting the nearby and distant nature.
And design creates a lot of big things, materializing new product categories, over and over again. Ideas, materials and daily work become a series of (lumbering) memories, acting like obstacles that rejects us from a simple and light existence.
Too much stuff. Too much.
One of the solution to simplify our being and reach a more balanced life is subtraction.
Less things, but smaller.
We are interested in little and tiny dimensions. Useful or meaningful, but reasonable.
If extraordinary, it must be reduced.
We are looking for small objects, that must fit into an imaginary cube of 6x6x6 cm.
They are going to be simple. With or without technology. Functional. Symbolic.
Anyway, micro.