Mod. n°1.03

Design contemporaneo

Antonio Cos
self-production (Italy)

series: Déjà vu
edition: 1
produced copies: one-of-a-kind, from a 32-pieces series
materials: recycled glass (extra clear, green)
dimensions: ø 7,1 x H 35 cm

Item belonging to the “Déjà-vu” research, series number 1, 32 pieces, realized by Antonio Cos between 2009 and April 2011. Déjà Vu vases are
inspired by the iconic shapes of some glass containers that we can see in our shops every day. After thoroughly cutting and bonding, they are recombined to create new hybrid types. In May 2011 the first series of this project was presented at Subalterno1 gallery at the exhibition with the same name directed by Stefano Maffei.

Bibliography: Beppe Finessi, TDM7: Il design italiano oltre le crisi. Autarchia, austerità, autoproduzione, Corraini, 2014.