Mod. n°4/10

Design contemporaneo

Massimiliano Adami
self-production (Italy)

series: Gommapiuma Décor
edition: n° 1
produced copies: one-of-a-kind (number 4) from a ten-pieces series
materials: soft polyurethane, transparent silicon veneer, microfiber, rosewood.
dimensions: L 63 x W 63 x H 49 cm

Prismatic-shaped seat with a body of soft polyurethane (colors: green/yellow) finished with transparent silicon veneer. Yellow microfiber surface.
Gridded texture. Wooded base encased in rosewood with walnut color wood ground support. Project presented at “Gommapiuma Décor” show at the Subalterno1 gallery in January 2013.

bibliography: Beppe Finessi, TDM7: Il design italiano oltre le crisi. Autarchia, austerità, autoproduzione, Corraini, 2014.